Marketing Crisis: What To Do When Your Business Stagnates

According to a study conducted in 2013 by Adobe, “61% of all marketers think that, for most companies, digital marketing approaches are a constant cycle of trial and error.”

In case your Digital marketing strategy has met a disaster or is trending towards one, before it sends you any cruel reminders of your miscalculations, here are 10 useful insights to combat it-:


Remember the first time you tried riding a bicycle, you didn’t quite learn without falling off it! It’s quite similar here; the only difference is that first time you fall in Digital Marketing, you start believing it was the most terrible, outrageous madness that shouldn’t be repeated.

But thankfully, there are some straightforward indicators to tell you something is going wrong in your universe like- dearth of followers on Social media platforms, lower engagement from direct mailers, diminishing website traffic, etc., i.e., everything that eventually leads up to - NOT ENOUGH LEADS. But things don’t end here, many a times it’s a deadly blend of multiple poisons.


Your Digital Marketing provider would have you believe, it’s just the initial upheaval (effects of the modifications they’ve made), and the graph will soon go up from here. They’d never let the worst of the worst statistics make it to your table and would play down a Herculean problem like NO engagement from your potential clients.


The aforementioned report by Adobe, also cites that 82% of digital marketers have no formal training (slide 27 of the report), they learn on the job. It’s important to know your strategist, their backgrounds, their motivations, their prior achievements before teaming up with them. After collaborating make sure to-...

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